As a student you have enough to worry about without thinking about insurance but the sad fact is that whether you live in halls of residence, a flat or a shared house your belongings are at risk particularly from theft. Common targets include bicycles, computers laptops, and mobile phones; course essentials like books, CDs and DVDs; and personal equipment like TVs, DVD players and VCR equipment. What is often overlooked is that incidents that cause the loss or destruction of your belongings could also affect your ability to complete your course so it's possible to include course fees in your cover too. As always every policy is different so it's important to take a cool look at just what is, or isn't covered, and what optional extras can be included before choosing your policy. Ask your parents to check their home insurance policy too; some of them will cover a student member of the family for a small extra charge. Money is short enough when you're a student so you need to squeeze the best value out of it!

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