Landlord Insurance

Residential property insurance for landlords is a lot more complicated than home insurance for owner-occupiers. Whether you own a single unit or a multi-location portfolio of houses and flats, and whether you manage them yourself or through a professional letting agent you probably don't want to think about landlord's insurance too much but the sad fact is that not only are you open to risks of your properties suffering from fire, vandalism, theft or flood and many other common problems but there are also public liability, interruptions to your business, equipment breakdowns, personal accidents or assaults, and employers' liability to think about, all of which could cost you a great deal of money. Add to that not only loss of rent but potential re-housing costs if the unexpected happens and your hard-earned asset could turn into a liability. As if you didn't have enough to worry about in running your business!

If you have modern properties and your tenants are all professional people with tenancy agreements of six months or longer getting insurance is fairly straightforward and you can book this online.

If you have DHSS claimants, asylum seekers, or students as tenants or your properties stand empty for long periods the risks are greater and most insurance companies refuse to even consider quoting for cover but Insurance Choice have a good record of obtaining cover at a reasonable cost for difficult cases; you cannot buy cover online because every case is different but you can ring them for about residential property insurance on

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