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If you have been refused home insurance cover by one of the major insurers, or you are worried about subsidence or flood risks, don't give up, it is still usually possible to obtain home insurance at a reasonable cost but you will need to speak to a broker who specialises in this type of work.

As well as normal cover, Insurance Choice also specialise in non standard policies so if you have previous or current criminal convictions, your house  in the UK or abroad is unoccupied for long periods,  you have a thatched property, a house which is let to tenants, you work from home or you own high net worth properties, etc etc etc they have the expertise  to help you. Just call  for further information or to arrange a policy.

Common reasons why you could be refused home insurance include:

  • You have lodgers, or sub-let part of the house.

  • You regularly or occasionally leave your house unoccupied for more than 30 days at a time.

  • You share your house with someone who is not a partner or family member.

  • Your house is of an unusual construction.

  • You or someone else who lives with you has a criminal conviction.

  • You have a home office, or use part of the house for storing business goods.

  • You or your partner have a 'risky' occupation; these include acting, sport, any connection at all with the entertainments industry, jeweller, auctioneer ....... etc, etc, etc.  

  • The house is not your permanent residence, or is unfurnished.

  • You have been refused insurance in the past.

  • Your house is in need of repair.

  • You own valuable stamps, coins, paintings, medals, watches, fur coats, jewellery.

  • Your house is particularly valuable.

  • You house has a large number of bedrooms.

  • You have made either building or contents claims over the previous four years.

  • Your house is in an area subject to subsidence or flood damage.

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