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Clicking here will take you to their website
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Don't all home insurance price comparison sites give the same results?

No. On a recent test of three major comparison sites using the same details for a typical family in a 3-bed semi only 27% of the identical policies, from the same insurers, were offered at the same prices and excesses (that's the sum you have to pay in the event of a claim); 23% had the same prices but different excesses; but 50% had different prices. These varied from the odd few pounds, right up to a whopping 56% more.

Don't assume that all policies are equal

All insurers have different acceptance and pricing criteria so don't assume that you will automatically get what you asked for when you filled in the form on the comparison site. There is always a link to the individual insurers' policy details; check it and make sure that you know what you're buying before paying.

Remember the cheapest policy if you pay yearly is not necessarily the cheapest if you pay monthly

Some people prefer to spread the cost of their home insurance over monthly payments rather than have to find the whole sum at once. Nearly all insurers charge extra for monthly payments, but some charge more than others. You should be able to see what the deposits, monthly payments and total payables are; compare these before deciding which policy to buy if you prefer to pay monthly.

Beware of special offers

The premium may look great with the current special offer but it may go up substantially next year (insurance companies make much more profit on renewals than on new business)

Don't get locked into automatic renewal

Many insurers will ask you, 'for your own convenience', to agree for an automatic renewal to be charged against your credit card when your new policy expires. Don't do it, you may well find a better deal elsewhere.

Conclusion: to get the best deal you need to get quotes from more than one price comparison site!

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