Insurance for valuable homes

Having a high value home can bring special problems because not only is the home itself very valuable; with the contents, likely to include jewellery, fine furniture, paintings, wall and floor coverings etc at particular risk of damage or theft; but often there are external belongings too, such as high quality cars, yachts, and overseas property to consider. Higher income home owners tend to travel extensively too and they may want their belongings, whilst either at home or on their person, covered whilst they are travelling worldwide. They are more likely than the average person to have children at university; their belongings are at risk too and even the most economically-minded student can take several thousand pounds' worth of belongings away from home. Most of the larger insurance companies are perfectly happy to quote for suitable cover but there are also a number of specialist companies who will offer a more bespoke service by meeting the clients at their home and taking a full inventory of possible losses and even arranging valuations for particularly valuable items. Naturally their charges will reflect a personalised service.

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