Contents Cover

If you want to insure a home that you own as well as the contents then it is usually better to have both policies with the same company because very often you can get an excellent discount this way. If you are a tenant though, or perhaps a student in temporary accommodation you will probably be looking for contents only insurance to cover your personal belongings against theft, loss or accidental damage. Like most insurance policies, exactly what is covered, and for how much, can vary considerably from one insurance company to another so you really need to check the different offerings carefully. Some companies will allow you to pay monthly, others again will give you short term cover too, if you are in temporary accommodation. Look out for cover on higher-risk items such as jewellery or food stored in a freezer - these may or may not be covered, and there may or may not be an excess you will have to pay in the event of a claim. Also please be aware that different insurers have different attitudes towards security and they may insist on, or offer lower premiums for, security locks or burglar alarms. As ever try to have a clear idea of just what cover you need, and read the policies carefully.

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